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The Nuby No-Spill Easy Grip cups (10 oz) come in a curvy design that will make it easy for your child to hold.  Plus, they come in a multitude of colors that will be pleasing to your child's eye.  You can mix and match the lid colors as well.  They also offer a similar cup, the Nuby Two Handle No-Spill™ cup (10 oz) if your child prefers a short and wide design.  These are Nuby's basic designs for beginning sippy cups and they have varying models which feature soft handles, gripper handles and other unique designs which still have the same basic structure.

This cup was a lifesaver for me; although, it did cause me some aggravation in the end. I was lucky enough to receive two of these from a friend to try out. This cup is what got my son started on finally using sippy cups. After trying everyday for several days to get him to take a "regular" sippy cup, my friend suggested that I try the Nuby cups to get him started.

This Nuby design features a silicone sippy cup-shaped spout and is actually designed to make the transition from a bottle to a sippy cup easier. Well, the company's claims of this are definitely true. Without the Nuby, my son would still be on bottles. Of course, we did have to use the Nuby for several weeks before he finally would take a typical designed sippy cup. But before we transitioned to the regular sippy cups, he chewed through nearly every single spout we had, making the cups very leaky. Out of the 8 different cups I had purchased, I think I have 3 in tact spouts left. In fact, as soon as he made one bite, flipping the cup upside down resulted in a stream of milk going all over the floor. Plus, if he left them laying on their sides, a puddle of liquid would eventually pool up on the floor.

Luckily, these cups are relatively cheap, offered at most retailers at approximately $5.00 for a 2-pack (for the Easy Grip design).  I was actually lucky to pick up two 3-packs on clearance at my local Target at just $4 per pack!  So even if your child eventually bites through all the nipples, getting him or her started on sippy cups will be well worth the small investment.  Plus, you can purchase replacement spouts at a cheap price as well.

Overall, the Nuby is a lifesaver for anyone who is having a hard time transitioning their child from the bottle. The spout really doesn't leak (provided there are no teeth tears), with the exception of a few drops when vigorously shaken upside down.  Since there are no valves, there are not any small pieces that you may lose while doing the dishes.  But since the spouts are intricately designed, I suggest you use my method of cleaning sippy cups when it comes to the spouts.

My recommendation:  Definitely purchase the Nuby sippy cups if your child is having a difficult time transitioning from the bottle.  Do not go overboard and purchase a ton of these cups though.  After a few weeks, you will need to replace them with sippy cups that do not offer silicone spouts.  Just buy enough to get your child through the transition.  If your child does not need help transitioning, save your money and skip these cups.


beckers__ on March 25, 2010 at 1:50 PM said...

This is the cup I have! BUT, I can't get my son (10 months) to hold it and tip it himself. Maybe I need the handle one...
My question is this: why do I need to change to a cup without a silicone spout? Is this ONLY a "transition" cup? If so, what kinds do we need to grow into?
Excuse the silly questions of a first time mom!!!

bestsippycup on March 25, 2010 at 2:59 PM said...

You don't really HAVE to switch cups, as long as your son doesn't decide to chew on the spouts! With enough chewing, they will tear and you will risk the chance of your son choking on a piece of silicone. But if he doesn't chew at all, then I suppose you would be just fine with these cups forever. If so, lucky you! But when he does decide to chew on them, you'll need to move on to a cup with a harder spout or just switch to normal drinking cups all together.

At 10 months, I wouldn't be too worried about your son not tipping it up by himself yet, but the handles might help. Each child develops at different rates so don't feel compelled to force him into anything just to fit the "my-baby-has-to-do-this-stage-at-this-age" trap. Mine wasn't ready for the sippy cup transition until he was over 12 months old.

I also forgot to note in my review that the slits in the spout tend to deform over time causing them to become less spill proof. And I also forgot to mention a traumatic event that took place at a doctor appoint. I was holding my son and talking to the doctor when he decided to drop his cup on the hard, tile floor. The spout flew off the lid and his milk flew all over the room including all over the doctor! Nevertheless, I am still forever grateful for these cups.

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